What We provide

24-Hour Self-Service Vacuum's

after the wash remember to pull in and vacuum your car out with one of four coin operated machines, available 24 hours everyday.

$1.00 per 4 minutes

24-Hour Self-Service Vacuum & Carpet shampoo

For the extra dirty interior, we provide 2 carpet shampoo/vacuum machines available for use anytime day or night. 

$5.00 per 10 minutes

Rug Beater 

Don't forget to run those dusty floor mats through our rug beater, located in our lot next to the vacuums and vending machine.

$0.50 per use 

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Vending Machine

There is nothing better than when your car smells as fresh as it looks. Swing by our vending machine and get all the last minute detailing extras for the complete car wash experience. 

Prices vary 

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